Interested in starting your own coffee shop, tea lounge, or quick-service restaurant? As a “One Stop Solution,” Lollicup USA offers everything you need to get started. Among disposable paper and plastic foodservice products and beverage ingredients from our brands Karat® and Tea Zone®, we offer various private training programs at our headquarters that allow one-on-one time with our certified trainers. Get the insider tips and secrets to our specialty drinks and all the necessary ingredients and accessories with Lollicup USA.

Certified Training
Basic Training (1-2 hours) – Learn how to make the beverage or dessert of your choice, whether bubble tea, shaved ice, coffee-blended drinks, or more. Included are also simple beverage recipes such as smoothies and slush.

Advanced Intensive Training (3-days) – Learn everything from operating your store from opening to closing, ordering supplies, controlling inventory, and making signature beverage recipes. Develop your business with us and let us help you hone in your skills to create delicious drinks that will keep your customers returning for more. Basic knowledge of health & safety inspection requirements and customer service techniques are also included in this training.

  • Trainees are eligible for a complimentary 1-day refreshment training

  • Trainees may contact their trainer via telephone or email for complimentary refreshment training within 90-days of 3-day Advanced Training completion

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