As a global leader of beverage and food packaging products, Lollicup USA has been building brand awareness and loyalty among customers since 2000 and offers a diverse portfolio of solutions for every foodservice outlet and facility.

Beyond Karat® and Tea Zone®, we provide a myriad of brands offering coffee, syrups, sauces, powders, smoothie mixes, and other beverage solutions such as Torani®, DaVinci®, Monin®, and more. » More

With multiple well-positioned manufacturing facilities worldwide, we are able to reduce costs, fulfill max capacity, and shorten lead time, and offer value, convenience, and direct container shipments for customers internationally. » More

Business Development
As a “One Stop Solution”, Lollicup USA offers everything you need to get your own coffee shop, tea lounge, or quick-service restaurant started. Get the insider tips and secrets to our specialty drinks and all the necessary ingredients and accessories with Lollicup USA. » More